Your home should be flawless;
your home should inspire.

Noir Collection’s prestigious penthouses embody absolute refinement, nothing less. Located in the heart of Montreal, DevMcGill Real sophistication and exacting design with the promise to awe you, move you and welcome you home.

Buffet Noir Collection


Memorable, vibrant, unparalleled: These sublime spaces exist far above the status quo for those unwilling to compromise. Explore our penthouses and find your perfect shade of Noir.

Buffet Noir Collection
Buffet Noir Collection


Embrace your exclusivity. Take lavish living to the next level in one of only a few luxury penthouses within the Noir Collection. These opulent properties provide an extravagant and sumptuous living space with precise attention to detail.

Icon Clé
Icon Clé

It’s the details
that make

make memories,

Icon Clé

and a space,

Salon Noir Collection
Salon Noir Collection

make sure
to always look
for perfection.

Experience the spirit of Noir Collection in 60 seconds
through one of our distinctive penthouses from the NOCA Project in Griffintown.